Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DOW training begins!

Over the past several days, numbers of UND undergraduate and graduate atmospheric science students have been trained to operate the DOW by Justin Walker of CSWR.

Justin Walker (center) describes the DOW computer systems to several AtSci. graduate students: Joel Siegel (left), Shaoyue Qui (middle right), and Ryan Stanfield (bottom right).   

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Operation plans for 11/16 and the following days

No operations for today! Tomorrow, there may be a maintenance flight for the Citation. If this occurs, the radars will run a test deployment. On Thursday, there is a chance of a cirrus deployment. Regardless of cirrus occurrence, the radars will be performing practice deployments. Crew will be needed for these activities, so please contact these groups if you are interested in participating!

Forecast for 11-16-2010

Near term forecast: Synoptic scale flow will continue to be the larger force controlling the weather. A look at the jet stream shows the Northern Plains in the core of a long wave trough. This long wave trough, combined with a weak, and dissipating short-wave trough will work to keep the low level clouds lingering around through Wednesday morning. As this short-wave trough moves through the region, there may be enough lift for a few scattered flurries, but nothing to write home about. Temperatures will continue to be around the freezing mark, but with some weak warm air advection occurring, temps might make it a few degrees above freezing this afternoon.

Outlook: The best chance for accumulating snowfall will come Friday night as an Albert Clipper is forecast to skirt the international border, but the exact track has been wobbling over the past few days. None-the-less, this will still have to be watched closely.


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